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The Purpose of Psychotherapy is

To Set People Free


About Me

Hi my name is Emily and I've been a licensed therapist for the past 13 yrs. I was first trained in DBT therapy at Harbor UCLA when I attended USC. I have  worked with adolescents and families and in residential eating disorder treatment and spent 11 yrs working as a lead therapist at UCSD eating disorders. I have created and led groups on body image and ACT therapy. 

My true desires are to help women remove blocks so they can embody empowerment. I work with women to help them dissolve spiritual, mental, and emotional blocks. I specialize in EMDR and DBT therapy. I use CBT, ACT and IFS parts work. I have studied energy psychology and shamanism. I believe in transformation on all levels.

Throughout the years it has been a place of joy for me to help women with emotion regulation, trauma, relationships, body image and eating disorders. As I deepen my own practice I want to work with women on an even deeper level and without the constraints of working in a clinic.


Specializing in Trauma &
Eating Disorders


Unhealed trauma can create long-term personal pain and developmental problems for people. When a part of your life energy becomes arrested it fragments from the whole and lands in the unconscious. As a result, you are unaware of the split and it results in weighing you down and coloring your experiences, preventing you from living in the present.

Body Image

Do you not feel at home in your body? Whether its trauma, eating disorder, societal pressures that keep you from living an authentic expression of who you are let's work on embodiment, self care, and coming into a better relationship with your body. 

Eating Disorders

Up to 75% of women report disordered eating. Do struggle with restricting your food intake, binging, purging, compulsive exercise, constant dieting and other behaviors that prevent you from living in peace and authentically.  I would love to help you on your recovery journey. 

Ancestral/Inter-generational healing

We are connected to the collective, to the energy of our ancestors. The human nervous system is a vast energy library. It holds the sum total of our history: every recorded step of every developmental stage that we've taken, as well as every step and stage our ancestors walked to bring us here. Whenever and wherever trauma lingers, the record of it get stuck in shadow, invisible to us on the surface.

Women's groups

I offer a variety of different groups for women that are interested in support and going deeper on their healing. Something very powerful happens when women sit together and commit to healing in the collective space. Many of us have broken relationships with other women. Learn how to connect and support each other in a safe environment. 

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